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The Google Maps version of the Dubliners map is available online by clicking the link to the left. It contains a list of every referenced location in the text as well as routes taken by the characters.

Until Google allows me to set a custom general view, the default map view centers on Africa due to its central location between some of the plotted points (namely Melbourne, Dublin, and “Buenos Ayres”). Once the map loads, click any location listed in the left panel to bring the pertinent locations into the map view.



Stories are distinguished by tag style:


 "The Sisters" tag  The Sisters
 "An Encounter" tag  An Encounter
 "Araby" tag  Araby
 "Eveline" tag  Eveline
 "After the Race" tag  After the Race
 "Two Gallants" tag  Two Gallants
 "The Boarding House" tag  The Boarding House
 "A Little Cloud" tag  A Little Cloud
 "Counterparts" tag  Counterparts
 "Clay" tag  Clay
 "A Painful Case" tag  A Painful Case
 "Ivy Day in the Committee Room" tag  Ivy Day in the Committee Room
 "A Mother" tag  A Mother
 "Grace" tag  Grace
 "The Dead" tag  The Dead